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Rethinking Telematics

A Field Guide to Integrating Telematics in ServiceMax

Field service technicians worldwide rely on fleet vehicles to get to their job sites, and service organizations spent billions each year to improve fleet management with telematics.

Recognizing that they can drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve customer engagement by adding telematics capabilities to their field service management (FSM) platform, they use a wide range of telematics hardware and software capabilities to get the most of their vehicles.

Integrating telematics data and ServiceMax allows companies to strategically prioritize customer visits, empower dispatchers with critical information from FSM in a map view, optimize travel time, and control fleet-related expenses. The solution increases customer satisfaction, creates efficiencies, and improves the ROI for the fleet.

This eBook explores how to integrate your telematics solutions with ServiceMax using a Location of Things (LoT) platform such as MapAnything, and provides you with a step-by-step guide to success.

Rethinking Telematics
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