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The CSO Report

A comprehensive guide for Chief Service Officers globally
April 2019

For more than a decade, ServiceMax has been focused on building a community of educated and connected Chief Service Officers through in person events, executive one on one meetings and other touch points throughout the year. The CSO Summit events, that take place globally each year, have created a working space for service leaders among our customers, partners and invited guests to share their experiences and learn from one another.

The Chief Service Officer’s Report offers a summary of the major themes, initiatives, challenges, and opportunities gathered from ServiceMax’s growing community of CSOs. Each chapter reflects on key learnings and observations from our 2018 Maximize and CSO events around the world, in addition to conversations with our CSO community throughout the year.

Written by our Global Customer Transformation team, our goal is simple:
  • Engage service leaders in the ServiceMax community
  • Connect interested clients with thought leadership led by ServiceMax customers
  • Foster an exclusive thought leadership community that supports dialog, feedback, and innovation

Explore the report to learn:
  • The 4 key areas we expect CSOs to set their sights on in 2019
  • How CSOs are focused on developing a deeper understanding of customer needs and value generation
  • How companies are addressing an evolving field service workforce
  • The need to ascertain the true cost of service
  • Why 85% of IT and Service leaders agree, the more asset service data is used, the more value it brings to the organization

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