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For service organizations of all types and sizes, selling services -- not just products -- often delivers significantly improved margins. For many service providers, service IS their entire business.

ServiceMax empowers organizations to define and manage a wide range of service plans that enable expansion into new markets, and increase service revenue and profits – all within a complete, web and mobile field service delivery solution. Implementing service contracts empowers service organizations to increase billable hours, never give away service or parts for free, have more accurate billing and take the customer experience to a new level.

While managing contracts can be complex, Predix ServiceMax offers significant simplicity and flexibility to service organizations. You can manage warranties, contracts and preventive maintenance plans. You can setup parts and labor pricing, expenses, pricing rules, and discounts for locations, accounts or contacts level. Lastly, you can track contract profitability and customer SLAs for compliance.

Join Gaurav Verma (Senior Product Marketing Manager, ServiceMax) and Edward Wolf (Principal Solution Consultant) to find out how ServiceMax service contracts can help field service organizations grow revenue, have a recurring revenue stream from contracts, and retain customers better. Edward Wolf will also dive deeper into the ServiceMax contracts and entitlements use cases with a live demo to show how service organizations can plug service revenue leakage, track contract profitability and generate incremental service revenue from the field.
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Grow Service Revenue through ServiceMax Contracts and Entitlements