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Field service technicians are always on the move—making mobile devices a logical extension to their everyday tools. Field engineers, service managers, and executives need in-depth access to service delivery information and processes from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Join Gaurav Verma, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Neil Gallivan, Senior Staff Solution Architect, and Michael Lin, Senior Product Manager, to take a deep dive on the key mobile capabilities like locating inventory visually, doing work order debrief, checking entitlements and latest labor/part prices and capture digital signature. Learn how ServiceMax is pushing the boundaries on Digital transformation of field service to help you achieve field service outcomes like growing service revenue, increasing service efficiency and improving customer experience.

In the power-packed webinar, you will:

  • Discover how field service organizations can leverage mobility to improve service profitability, efficiency and customer experience 
  • Appreciate the key qualities and capabilities that a great field service mobile solution should have 
  • See a live demo of the latest ServiceMax field service mobile solution covering specific use cases in a day in a life of a technician
  • Know what ServiceMax envisions for the future roadmap of field service mobile solution
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Grow Service Profitability and Deliver Better Customer Experience Through Mobility