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According to Gartner Research, there will be 20.4 Billion connected devices by year 2020. While many have already connected their equipment or are in active planning stages, it is important to think through your IoT architecture and solution goals. These early decisions will drive your ability to achieve recurring and lasting benefits of Connected Field Service.

Watch this webinar with Aaron Mieswinkel, Director of Architecture, and Anna Startseva, Product Marketing Lead, to learn about ServiceMax IoT integration architecture and how organizations are blending and mining data to deliver recurring value. Service organizations are able to switch to proactive and even predictive service models to guarantee customer outcomes—uninterrupted equipment uptime and exceptional customer experience.

This webinar will cover:

  • Achieving uninterrupted equipment uptime and customer experience objectives with Connected Field Service
  • ServiceMax IoT-agnostic solution and architecture
  • Strategies for implementing Connected Field Service
  • Strategies to enrich data from equipment with information from database and ServiceMax
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Deep Dive on ServiceMax IoT Architecture and Data Strategies