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Oil and Gas operators face constant challenges in production operations. Challenges include, but are not limited to, lost/deferred production, operational inefficiencies, aged infrastructure, a changing workforce, and safety & compliance concerns.

Hear how ServiceMax automates the end to end field operations & maintenance process from automatic work order creation from connected assets to real-time work order debriefs. Engineering and production teams are enabled with critical information to:

  • Enhance crew and asset performance:
    Digitize crew and asset history and monitoring helps detect and prevent under-performance with human and machine learning technologies

  • Increase field operations efficiency through improved asset uptime and reduced lost/deferred production:
    Mobile work order and real-time logistics management, across all fields, helps improve planning, monitoring, and processing of field work orders

  • Reduced risk of safety & compliance incidents:
    Integration with workforce management systems match the appropriate skills and certifications needed to successfully execute the work

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ServiceMax for the Digital Oilfield