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Plan, Execute and Excel on Every Field Service Project

Projects can be an integral part of field service delivery. Installation work, complex infrastructure and maintenance jobs that need coordinated crews, always benefit from better organization and collaboration. ServiceMax and it’s partners, Viewpath, FDI and SPARK Perform have solutions that help plan, execute and measure service delivery on any project.

Watch them demonstrate their ServiceMax integrated solutions and discover how your next project can run more smoothly with better resource plans, accurate and complete field data and the right incentives for your teams.

Here’s a peek at the solutions you’ll learn about:

  • Viewpath leads the way in comprehensive solutions for interactively managing tasks and resource schedules across multiple projects. Its advanced design also streamlines collaboration and workflow at all levels – whether it is task updates from third-party contractors or providing clients with customized views of ongoing progress. Viewpath’s integration with ServiceMax is easy, and the next logical choice for any organization wanting to improve speed, accuracy, and agility in delivering field service projects.
  • Field Service Projects succeed when field data is complete and accurate. Quality data drives business intelligence, enabling teams to adequately plan and make an informed decision. FDI Data Capture Solutions for ServiceMax connects the last mile of digital, ensuring that no matter the environment or training of field personnel, rich data can be collected with ease and accuracy and communicated in real-time. Our DIY solution for field data collection allows Power Users to create forms, connect central data systems, and set-up workflows - all under the umbrella of IT-friendly data security and control measures.
  • The most important aspect of project planning is goal setting. Do all your team members understand the goals for each of their tasks– qualitatively and quantitatively? What if you could set goals for project members and provide them live and automated feedback on their individual progress and how they are doing among their peers? With SPARK Perform, you can now automate target setting, progress tracking, and performance feedback, for your next field service project.