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User experience can not only make or break the success of a Field Management Solution, but also the success of your technicians and entire service operation. A well thought out UX drives high adoption, increases efficiency and empowers your team to succeed in the field. 

That’s why at ServiceMax we’re continuously working on improving the user experience for our field service professionals. The new Winter '18 Release reveals some of the work we’ve done to improve performance and usability for field techs, field service leaders, dispatchers and administrators. The new features include:

  • Multiple usability enhancements for the mobile app, most notably an innovative way to manage field inventory
  • Performance improvements in Service Flow Manager
  • New asset-centric KPI “Mean Time Between Failures”
  • Without coding - quickly map data from IoT systems to ServiceMax objects
  • Schedule Optimization runs up to 10x faster than before

Katharina Streater, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax and Sam Neva, Sr. Solution Architect will take you through the new features and answer any questions you may have.

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Winter '18 Launch