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Service data is a gold mine for those with the right skills to dig

Digital Transformation is requiring companies to digitalize their assets at a fast pace, but workforce digital skills need to catch up to accelerate the digital progression.

Companies need to focus on developing a clear data service strategy that will help them to get valuable insights on the equipment to extend their lifecycle, evaluate the right mix of skills to implement a successful talent strategy acquisition and ultimately reducing unplanned downtime to improve customer satisfaction and revenue. Service is more and more what customers evaluate even more of the product itself, companies need to move towards as-a-service business to get competitive advantage.

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  1. The digitalization of industrial services requires news skills and how the marketplace (or new mixed labour models) will shape the future of talent sourcing.
  2. The focus on digital transformation has placed companies’ attention on harnessing equipment data for insights, exploring new business models, and implementing digital technologies.
  3. The aim for companies to understand better and better the lifetime of their equipment and how to improve it, to impact directly on customer satisfaction and ultimately on business revenue.
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