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Our guest speaker, Chris Westlake, Global Process Owner of Service and Repair at Medtronic, joins Shawn LaRocco, VP of Digital Transformation at ServiceMax, to share their experience steering the service organizations during these challenging times and their perspective on the future of business.

Medtronic and other medical device and life science companies are at the forefront of this crisis, working around the clock to ensure critical equipment is up and running reliably. This shock to the system has forced field service providers to re-evaluate how they run their organizations.

Key Takeaways:
  • Key business continuity strategies to weather the COVID19 storm
  • The opportunities across the service delivery chain to strengthen your business position, during and after the crisis
  • The potential impact of key technologies such as mobility, AR, AI, and IoT in driving sustained success

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Service, Sustain, Succeed: How Service Keeps the World Running