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From Grease To Code: What Drives Digital Service Transformation*

ServiceMax commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the impact of service transformation globally — from how equipment is managed, to what workforce skills are required to maintain them, to which business models will drive monetisation and superior customer experience.

In this webinar, we share some eye-opening results gleaned from 675 interviews with your peers — senior executives working in Field Service and IT across Europe, MENAT, USA and APAC in multiple vertical industries — answering questions such as:

  • Where your peers are investing in different aspects of service and why
  • Which workforce challenges are driving the pace of service transformation
  • Confidence levels around retiring equipment too early
  • Implications of extending equipment lifespan
  • The best business models to support and monetise customer experience
  • Benefits of predictive maintenance models
  • And more….

Join this webinar with Sumair Dutta – Director of ServiceMax Global Customer Transformation Team and guest speaker Paul Miller – Forrester Principal Analyst to discuss how digital transformation is requiring companies to digitalize their assets at a fast pace, but workforce digital skills need to catch up to accelerate the digital progression.

*From Grease To Code: What Drives Digital Service Transformation, a September 2019 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ServiceMax.

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From Grease to Code: What Drives Digital Service Transformation