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After The Fall: Cost, Causes and Consequences of Unplanned Downtime
Our brand new study, “After The Fall: Cost, Causes and Consequences of Unplanned Downtime,” surveyed 450 field service and IT decision makers in the UK, US, France and Germany across the manufacturing, medical, oil and gas, energy and utilities, telecoms, distribution, logistics and transport sectors, among others.

The study finds that production and productivity, IT, and customer service are hit hardest by unplanned downtime, with damaging repercussions for businesses as a whole.

Five Key Research Findings:
  • 82% of companies have experienced at least one unplanned downtime outage over the past 3 years (average number of outages = 2). 
  • Based on Aberdeen's independent research of unplanned downtime costing companies $250K/hour, this equates to more than $2 million. 
  • 70% of companies lack complete awareness of when equipment assets are due for maintenance or upgrade. 
  • Zero unplanned downtime is now the No. 1 priority or a high priority for 72% of organizations. 
  • Field Service Management is directly tackling the problem of unplanned downtime with latest digital capabilities, shifting service, maintenance and downtime from reactive to predictive.
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