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As we look at field service in this state of COVID-19, we are seeing some companies thrive, especially in the medical sector. But for most, the lockdown is causing huge strain, not only on revenue but also as companies do their best to look after their employees.

Of the many organisations we talk to, most have some form of plan to increase their third-party or contractor base in the future. But with no compelling event to put those plans into actions, many businesses have carried on with the same model that they’ve always had. Does the impact of Covid-19 represent this compelling event?

Discover this webinar on demand to hear the discussions around:

  • How might a “W shaped recovery” encourage the pivot towards 3rd party models
  • Some of the drivers for a move towards the use of 3rd parties or the transition to a gig economy model for service
  • What are some of the wider implications when considering 3rd parties (brand, customer satisfaction, perceived value of service)
  • Knowledge is power – how do we protect it? (knowledge transfer, training, upskilling, security)
  • Considerations for additional revenue streams: Offering your own service as a 3rd party

With the pandemic slowly shifting into recovery mode, where do you see yourself now? Are you one of the 77% of companies which, according to Forrester Research, will be introducing contractors to your workforce within the next 12 months?

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