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ServiceMax Summer ’17 – Improve Customer Experience with Proactive Maintenance
Service organizations often fail to identify and address equipment issues until it is too late and equipment stops working. But customers today expect minimal unplanned downtime and immediate response. 

How can service organizations deliver an excellent experience without compromising their cost structure?
  • Service equipment proactively by taking actual equipment usage and condition into consideration
  • Manage maintenance schedules so that just the right amount of service is delivered
  • Schedule service appointments at the optimal time for both your customers and your business 
Discover how ServiceMax can help you improve customer experience through proactive maintenance. Take a peek at the new ServiceMax Summer ’17 features:
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Ranked Appointment Bookings 
  • Enhancements to Checklists and our Field Service App

Summer  '17 - Customer Webinar