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ServiceMax Installed Base App
Monetize your installed base

Every product-focused company wants to maximize the lifetime value of the products it sells. The first step to creating savings and monetizing products after they have been sold is to know your installed base. All field service processes – from scheduling appointments to renewing support – rely on accurate installed base information. Incredible savings and sales opportunities are hidden if you don’t know the who, what and where related to the products you have already sold.

Enter ServiceMax Installed Base App— an enterprise-scale, smart, and easy to use mobile app that gives you complete visibility into your installed base. As one source of truth for engineers, the Installed Base App shows them what’s actually on site and where it is located even before they arrive. It automatically downloads the knowledge base for all appointments and makes it available even when there is no Internet connectivity. This way, your engineers have the information needed to resolve problems on the first visit. The app’s intuitive interface makes it easy to update product, location, and customer details and add any competitor products for future service opportunities while on site.