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Service leaders are faced with the combined challenge of generating increased revenue, improving customer experience and reducing cost for their field service organizations. A data-driven view of service operations shows that first-time fix rate is a leading indicator of customer experience, workforce utilization and profitability. Since scheduling and dispatch is at the heart of field service operations, the quality of scheduling can have an enormous impact on first-time fix rate. Simply by adding a layer of intelligence over scheduling, service leaders can transform their service organizations reliably and consistently.

First, this whitepaper examines key success business indicators for service organizations, establishing a tight correlation between these and scheduling quality. Having laid a foundation for the need for intelligent and more efficient schedule optimization, we’ll go on to discuss how businesses can gain a competitive edge through automated scheduling as well as what aspects should be considered when weighing the options of various schedule optimization solutions.

The paper then addresses common implementation concerns and offers practical recommendations for implementing schedule optimization. The paper concludes by highlighting how the ServiceMax Schedule Optimization solution brings both flexibility and powerful functionality to address the unique strategic service transformation needs of any customer.