2016 is shaping up to bring an explosion of disruptive forces in the service industry with new technologies bringing unparalleled revenue drivers and efficiencies for service leaders.

With all of the immense change that is taking place it can be daunting and challenging to stay ahead of the competition. In addition, service leaders not only need to engage their teams but also demonstrate the high impact service can have on the overall bottom line to the board.

Join industry experts assembled from across Europe for the Service Innovation Series, an online series of webinars designed to share best practices, current trends and statistics.

Register for individual sessions or for the entire series below.

Service Innovation
Webinar Series

Developing Smart Efficiencies in Service with Augmented Reality - Dr Howard Lightfoot, Cranfield University

Feb 17th, 12:30pm GMT/1:30pm CET


Embarking on your Service Transformation Journey - Joe Kenny, Senior Director, Customer Transformation, ServiceMax

March 30th, 3:00pm GMT/4:00pm CET


Service Innovation in Product Centric Firms - Christian Kowalkowski, Associate Professor, Linköping University

May 11th, 12:30pm GMT/1:30pm CET


Seven Critical Success Factors in the Shift to Services - Andy Neely, Founding Director, Cambridge Service Alliance

June 8th, 12:30pm GMT/1:30pm CET