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ServiceMax Named a Leader in the Aragon Research Globe for Team Collaboration, 2019

Mobile workers, especially in the field service management market, are flocking to new ways to share knowledge with their peers and experts in the back office. Often, they turn to consumer apps to fill this need, but these are often unsecure and unsanctioned. Fortunately, new digital work hubs like Zinc are emerging that help connect employees via voice, messaging, hotline groups and more, securely and seamlessly.

In this new report, published in July 2019, independent research and advisory firm Aragon Research rates 18 team collaboration vendors on various criteria, and recognizes the field service use case as a key market for these new digital work hubs. “In 2019, providers have put team collaboration front and center with new use cases and features that are particularly focused on the mobile worker. Despite the success of consumer messaging applications, there is still a need for secure team collaboration platforms in the enterprise,” writes Lead Analyst and CEO Jim Lundy.

Based on the merits of Zinc, ServiceMax has been named a Leader, alongside vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Google and Slack. Watch this short video to hear more about the report and its findings, then download the report, with our compliments, to read why ServiceMax was named a leader!
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