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Field Service Management Software
See How ServiceMax Increases Productivity by 18%, Raises Revenue by 13% and Simplifies Managing Your Field Service Team
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「本マジッククアドラントにおける『ベンダー』の位置付けは、コラボレーション、安全性、ビジネスモデル、およびAIを活用した部品や人材計画に関する意思決定サポートといった分野におけるクライアントの期待度を反映しています。ベンダーを評価する際には利用可能なテクノロジー、提携先、そして実績を見るべきです。」* 詳細はレポートの完全版をご覧下さい。

  • フィールドサービスマネージメント市場と参入ベンダー
  • 市場トレンドとフィールドサービスイノベーションにおける新分野
  • ServiceMax、IFS、Salesforce、Oracle、Microsoftを含むベンダー14社の特長と注意点


*「Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management(フィールドサービスマネージメント分野のマジッククアドラント)」Jim Robinson, Naved Rashid, 2020年7月6日

この図は、調査文書の一部としてGartner, Inc.より作成されたものであり、文書全体の文脈から評価されるべきものです。ガートナーの文書はServiceMaxからのリクエストにより提供可能です。


GARTNERはGartner, Inc.および米国、その他の国における登録商標およびサービスマークであり、許可の元、ここに使用されています。全ての権利はGartner, Inc.に帰属します。


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About ServiceMax

ServiceMax’s mission is to help customers keep the world running with asset-centric field service management software. As the recognized leader in this space, ServiceMax’s mobile apps and cloud-based software provide a complete view of assets to field service teams. By optimizing field service operations, customer across all industries can better manage the complexities of service, support faster growth and run more profitable, outcome-centric businesses.

ServiceMax: Field Service Management Software
See How ServiceMax Increases Productivity by 18%, Raises Revenue by 13% and Simplifies Managing Your Field Service Team
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Field Service Management Software

ServiceMax Features

Automatic Schedule, Dispatch & Route

Maximize utilization and first-time resolution. ServiceMax accounts for travel time, predicted job duration, technician availability, parts inventory, and other factors to optimize dispatch.

In-Field Invoicing & Signature Capture

Technicians enter billing time and parts on-site. Customers can sign directly on the technician's tablet or smartphone, avoiding end-of-month scrambles to send out invoices.

Parts Management

Track inventory in trucks and at the depot. Make sure technicians have the right parts for the job the first time. When inventory gets low, the system can auto-replenish or alert you to reorder.

Technician Enablement

All necessary information is at the technician's fingertips. Give your field team details on client warranty status, pricing quotes, parts lookup and ordering, knowledge base, and more.

Simplified Reporting & Metrics

No more manually cobbling together reports at the end of each month — automatically generate them instead. And get live alerts so you can get in front of emerging issues early.

Internet of Things Integration

Delight customers with proactive care and increased uptime. Integrate enabled assets in the field. Enabled assets self-diagnosis can trigger service or repair requests.

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