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Customer Satisfaction Gets Lip Service and Board-Level Attention, But Not Field-Level Investment 
While a majority of companies are looking to improve customer satisfaction levels to drive business growth and most believe field service management can contribute, actual field-level investment remains meager. The report reveals a lack of board investment toward the hidden potential of field service departments to drive profitability, reduce warranty leakages, address parts supply chain challenges, and drive customer satisfaction and retention. This gap shown in the study and under investment in field service technologies can present a number of challenges to organizations.

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About the Report
During April 2016, research firm Vanson Bourne interviewed 100 IT decision makers and 100 field service decision makers from the US, UK, Germany and France. To qualify for the research, respondents’ organisations could be from any size and sector, but the organisation had to have at least one field service engineer. The IT decision makers and field service decision makers were interviewed using an online methodology and a robust multi-level screening process was used to ensure only appropriate respondents participated in the project.