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New Design Principles for Measuring Customer Satisfaction in Services

In this webinar, Jeroen Peters and René Degen, of Comparable B.V. will propose the following:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys is a dead end street
    Response rates have come to an all time low. How long can you expect your customers to continue to easily ignore your questions?
  • Why you may not want to use the NPS score anymore
    Large companies have stopped using the NPS. Is it reasonable to expect to get all the answers from one single question? Are the claims of the NPS evidence based?
  • Customer Satisfaction Score is probably not the most meaningful measurement
    We automatically expect satisfied customers to be loyal customers, and expect them to automatically buy from us again. This assumption is much less true than many seem to think...
  • New design principles for future customer satisfaction measurements
    Rather than improving present day surveys, you may want to dedicate your attention to new ways of gathering information. We will not talk primarily about big data here. Our focus is on modern design principles for gathering customer insight.
  • Using your service engineer as an information source
    Your engineers are a valuable source of customer information. So are your call center employees. Empower them and equip them with adequate support tools to help you improve customer engagement.
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Guest Speaker: Drs. René Degen, Co-Founder at Comparable and Former Director of Services - Miele

Drs. René Degen specializes in services marketing, with a focus on customer experience, customer research, and managing change. He advises a variety of companies in healthcare, energy, technology, industrial automation, law, and technical services. From 2000 to 2010, Degen was director of Services at Miele, focusing on the transition from products to services. Since then Degen has worked on consultancy projects working with companies such as Philips Healthcare, Eneco, AMC, Elka Pieterman, Yokogawa, and others and in 2016 he founded Comparable, a company that focuses on customer insight research, and customer satisfaction.

Guest Speaker: Jeroen Peters, Co-Founder at Comparable and Former Director of Field Support, Otis Elevator Company

From 1990 to 2007 Jeroen worked for Otis Elevator company in several (management) functions, such as Director Field Support. In 2007 he started his own consulting company, with a focus on process management, quality and customer research, working for customers like Aegon, Ordina, Liftinstituut, SpecialistenNet Consultancy, ASR, Orona, etc. In 2016 Jeroen co-founded Comparable, together with René Degen. Comparable is an innovative and a fast growing initiative, that focuses on future customer insight and customer satisfaction research. International assignments have come from a variety of companies, B2B as well as B2C.

New Design Principles for Measuring Customer Satisfaction Within Field Service Organisations