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How Digital Transformation
Drives Service Innovation
Digital transformation (DX) is driving service organizations to transform into value generators for their companies. IDC defines DX as the continuous process by which enterprises adapt to or drive disruptive changes in their customers and markets (external ecosystem) by leveraging digital competencies to innovate new business models, products, and services that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds.

Recently Heather Ashton,  Research Manager at IDC Manufacturing Insights, sat down with ServiceMax to answer some questions about DX such as:
  • Why is visibility into service important for service leaders and executives?
  • What are the most important metrics in a transformed service organization?
  • What should the investment priorities be for transforming a service organization?

Heather-Ashton-IDC.jpgHeather Ashton is Research Manager for IDC Manufacturing Insights responsible for the service innovation practice. Ms. Ashton's core research coverage includes the customer and service lifecycles in manufacturing, including CX and UX, field service, and warranty, as well as the impact of connected products on customer engagement and service transformation.