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The 2020 CSO Report

A comprehensive guide for Chief Service Officers across the globe.

For more than a decade, ServiceMax has been focused on building a community of educated and connected Chief Service Officers (CSOs) through in-person events, executive one-on-one meetings and other touchpoints throughout the year. The CSO Summit events that take place globally each year have created a working space for service leaders, including our customers, partners and invited guests, to share their experiences and learn from one another.

The CSO Report offers a summary of the major themes, initiatives, challenges, and opportunities gathered from ServiceMax’s global CSO community. Explore the report to learn how CSOs are:
  • Taking the lead in driving digital transformations
  • Navigating a tighter labor market
  • Addressing the needs of more value-conscious buyers
  • Uncovering new asset-focused products and revenue streams
  • Collaborating with business counterparts to enhance customer outcomes
  • Redefining the metrics of success

The annual CSO Report is written by ServiceMax’s Global Customer Transformation (GCT) team. GCT’s goal is to:
  • Present their point-of-view on key themes and trends in service
  • Engage service leaders in the ServiceMax community through thought leadership content and events
  • Guide leaders in building and executing on their service strategies
  • Enable leaders to uncover business value with service transformation

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