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James Automation - Increasing Revenues out of the Gate
James Automation has made commercial and residential customers safer with in-house design and installation of custom gates, barriers and turnstile since 2000. Customer safety takes center stage for James Automation. They are relentless when it comes to ensuring customer requirements are exceeded with the strictest safety standards. Customers know that when James’ service team completes routine maintenance or finishes an installation their most important needs are met with high quality work and bespoke design.

James Automation has the same high standards for their service delivery processes. The golden rule is to put customers first. A rule sometimes followed to the detriment of the company’s interests. Traditionally, their service team worked with clipboards, pen and paper; going about their day-to-day routine disconnected from the main oce. Technicians couldn’t access standard price lists, be notified of pending jobs, or access customer contract data. When sent out, completely detached from service manager direction, technicians were thrust into customer compliance. Standard prices became unmanageable, paperwork was late, and time management was an afterthought -- all signs of opportunities lost.

See how James Automation achieved:
  • A 20% decrease in revenue leakage
  • A 30% increase in revenue
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