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Companies that are committed to sustainability are increasingly efficient, use fewer resources, create less waste to generate a unit of revenue, and produce higher returns on investment. In fact, Aberdeen found that nearly half of the Best-in-Class companies currently have a service-specific sustainability initiative in place. More telling than current adoption rates is the reason why organisations are looking to sustainability initiatives in the first place - to increase productivity and resource utilisation, enhance speed of service delivery, and eliminate service-related costs.

Perhaps what’s less widely known is the role field service management plays in facilitating and accelerating the execution of sustainability strategies. In the same way that economic metrics joined the choir of sustainability, field service management has added volume and harmony to the chorus with a natural alignment between sustainability objectives, customer service improvement and financial performance.

Join Coen Jeukens (Director Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax) for a deeper dive into the natural alignment there is between Service Execution management technologies and better sustainability and efficiency metrics.

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Untapped Potential: The 5 Sustainability Opportunities for Service Execution