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Going Digital to Succeed Now and in the Future

The industrial manufacturing sector is experiencing harsh market conditions, shrinking new equipment sales and margins, ongoing commoditization, and more discerning customers. At the same time, they are pushed by share and equity holders to grow their business. For manufacturers to meet these business objectives and thrive under the current market conditions, they need to rethink their business models.

The strategic imperative for them is to go digital. But, where to start? By prioritizing:

Full equipment visibility. Industrial Equipment Manufacturers need to know everything about their equipment and how customers are using it, including its as-maintained bill of material to maximize uptime.

Streamlined processes. Transforming work order, scheduling, contracts and parts management can dramatically boost efficiencies, and thusly drive more profitable growth.

Workforce productivity. Freeing up and refocusing resources on the most value-added service is key to growing and scaling the business. Download and read our e-book that discusses the challenges and opportunities in field service for manufacturers, and where to start your transformation journey. It highlights four customer success stories for Domino Printing, 3D Systems, Compac, and Schneider Electric and how they digitized their field service operations with ServiceMax.
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