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Contractor Management with ServiceMax Partner Community
Leverage third-party technicians to boost the agility of your service business

In field service, it is all about the customer focus, their experience is the measure of your success. To increase your geographical coverage, to meet seasonal demand, or for specific types of work, you may need a capacity boost from third-party technicians. Or you outsource all your field service activities to contracted partners.

For all the goals you have set out to achieve, partners are your direct line to your customers. To be optimally prepared for their jobs, and to hit their SLA goals, they have to always be current – on work orders, parts, service and equipment history, entitlements, or documentation. Their field personnel need to communicate with you and each other in case problems arise.

Likewise, you need real-time visibility into your partners’ operations to ensure their accountability, and your customers’ experience.

ServiceMax Partner Community addresses these demands. It makes your service channel transparent and lets you securely share information with your partners, empowering them to deliver great service on your behalf.
By 2020, over 40% of field service work will be performed by technicians who are not employees of the organization that has direct contact with the customer.

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