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ServiceMax Asset Service Management for the Digital Plant
Oil and gas facilities of all types are under constant pressure. Refineries, gas processing facilities, petrochemical plants, liquified natural gas facilities, and others are challenged with minimizing unplanned shutdowns, increasing throughput, controlling quality, and reducing safety and compliance incidents. Operations and maintenance strategies are integral to achieving these demands so that assets are maintained closer to real-time. Integrating these strategies into a digital transformation journey will drive the business outcomes you’ve set out to achieve.

To thrive in an environment under constant pressure, oil and gas facilities need to ensure their facility is reliable and their operations and maintenance processes are optimized. Incorporating best practices that enable you to continue your journey away from a reactive maintenance strategy and toward a proactive one will position your facility to thrive under these constant pressures. Adopting these best practices will be reflected through KPIs like Asset Uptime, Average Response Time, First-Time Fix Rate, Mean Time To Complete/Repair/ Install/Service, Repeat Visit, Mean Time Between Failures, Utilization, and Internal SLA%.