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ServiceMax for Oilfield Services
Increase efficiency, decrease non-productive time and minimize HSE risks

No matter the oilfield service: seismic, drilling, oilfield fluids, reservoir evaluation, stimulation, completions, or well intervention, ServiceMax is designed to optimize oilfield service operations. ServiceMax can help you deliver flawless oilfield service delivery and transform your service organization. In many aspects of oilfield service, flawless delivery doesn’t begin at time of dispatch to the wellsite. It begins when tools & equipment are maintained and are ready for seamless service execution. ServiceMax helps you ensure the maintenance and preparation required is complete. Our end-to-end service platform then helps you execute all other aspects of service from dispatch to field ticket delivery.

The ServiceMax platform enables oilfield service companies to attain unsurpassed levels of efficiency, decrease non-productive time, and minimize HSE risks. Field engineers, dispatchers, and managers can achieve these business outcomes through;
  • Automated preventative maintenance – decrease non-productive time at the wellsite by ensuring all tools & equipment are thoroughly maintained and ready prior to dispatch.
  • Optimized oil field services – increased efficiency through optimized scheduling and dispatch. Assigning the right field engineer and equipment to the right job at the right time. Easily track the location of equipment, including loan outs to other field offices.
  • Safety and compliance – minimize risk by remotely assessing equipment through Industrial IoT and using checklists to enforce critical safety and operational compliance. Electronically record all HAZMAT and transport forms and simplify audit compliance.