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ServiceMax Service Execution Management for Production Operators
Increase operational efficiency, decrease lost production, and minimize risks

The term ‘digital oilfield’ is used to describe the vision of real-time asset management for optimal oil and gas production and field management. Many oil and gas operating companies, large and small, have taken the steps to instrument and automate wellsites for remote monitoring and control. This has enabled them to analyze and visualize field production data to make decisions that optimize well and fieldwide performance. While these steps are necessary, they are not enough to completely realize the vision of a truly digital oilfield. The remaining steps include incorporating the ability to respond to events in real-time that require human intervention. Such examples may include responding to an unexpected drop in production, a spill risk, an erratic tubing or casing pressure measurement reading, hydrate buildup, or a poorly functioning regulator on a new well just placed into production.

ServiceMax Asset Service Management (ASM) will help you take that next step in the transformation of your oilfield operations toward real-time asset management. It begins at recognizing when action at the wellsite is required and scheduling the right wellsite operator for the right job. ServiceMax ASM is an end-to-end field operations platform that will help you execute all all aspects of managing and executing the required wellsite activities safely so that production doesn’t fall short of targets.