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Making the Shift to Services

Customers increasingly demand services and solutions, not just products. For companies this can be an opportunity to increase their revenues and develop long-term relationships with their customers. However, making the shift to services is difficult and remains an aspiration for many. Arriving at a clear vision of the service offering is often the first stumbling block. What will be offered and how? What are the risks? How do we deliver and create – as well as capture – value?

In this webinar, Dr Florian Urmetzer and Dr Veronica Martinez will draw on the latest work from the Cambridge Service Alliance and explain how to design the shift to services in your own organisation. With extensive background in both academia and industry working for companies such as Volkswagen, Fidia and IBM our guest speakers will discuss the latest research into how to design the shift to services, with this session being specifically aimed at managers and senior executives involved in any aspect of the design and delivery of services.

This webinar is a taster session for the short course, ‘Making the Shift to Services’, a practical two-day course run by the Cambridge Service Alliance and IfM Education and Consultancy Services that considers how to design the shift to services. Find out more.

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