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Best Practice Metrics For Improving Field Service Operations
Service has become increasingly critical to business success.

This is especially true of industrial companies where the margins on selling service are about 20 percent higher than the sale of equipment, and the 1 expectation is for service revenue to nearly double by 2020 . External market dynamics are tough as well--competition has become the leading challenge on service leaders’ minds in 2016.2

Putting the right training, processes, technology and metrics in place is instrumental to continuously improve service delivery and meet aggressive targets. In order to compete and win, companies need to understand the impact of changes they make to their service operations, where they stand in comparison to best-in-class companies, and how to create a stellar customer experience. This can be especially hard to do when you can’t get access to the data you need quickly, and are not sure whether you are measuring the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business processes. This white paper presents solutions to some of the common challenges of utilizing metrics in service, presents best practice metrics service organizations are tracking, and discusses how to effectively leverage technology to see and impact your service performance.

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