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ServiceMax believes that pushing the envelope on field service not only leads to higher service efficiency and better customer experience, but also makes service organizations more competitive. Delivering on our long-standing commitment to service innovation and thought leadership, ServiceMax is excited to announce the next generation field service solution which introduces highly innovative beta features for our customers and delivers three key benefit pillars:

  • Technician autonomy - In-house and third-party technicians will be more autonomous by leveraging a beautifully designed, native phone app with superior sync reliability and enhanced collaboration via Salesforce Files. 
  • Dispatcher empowerment - Dispatchers will be more empowered to make business decisions through an all-new dispatch console experience by taking advantage of resource recommendations for a job, contextual search, personalized job/resource views, routes/location tracking, drive time estimates and map layers. 
  • Complex work - Service organizations will be able to execute complex work needs via crew management abilities, shift planning and assigning multiple technicians to a job.

Join Gaurav Verma (Senior Product Marketing Manager, ServiceMax), Mayhul Jain (Senior Product Manager, Scheduling and Dispatch), and Michael Lin (Product Manager, Mobile) to see these exciting product features in a live demo and learn how ServiceMax 18.3 can raise the bar for service transformation in your organization.

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Predix ServiceMax FSM 18.3 Launch