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The possibilities promised in taking full advantage of the new digital service environment are virtually limitless. Artificial intelligence, the Industrial Internet of Things, and machine communication are expected to reshape the way we view service and business as a whole well through 2025. In this ‘new normal’ speed of change and technological advancement, service leaders are faced with numerous challenges, but preparing and scaling their field teams for growth and success can be key among them.

Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with ServiceMax from GE Digital is looking to bring together leading IT and finance executives to discuss these topics and more at our 2018 CIO/CFO Virtual Event: Preparing for the ‘New Normal’: Scaling Service Organizations in the Face of Rapid Change. Join Patrice Eberline, Author and VP Global Customer Transformation at ServiceMax from GE Digital as she outlines strategies used to effectively scale service organizations in order to prepare for this future.
Key topics Patrice will be discussing include:

• Technological advancement across organizations
• Strategies to overcome challenges faced by leading executives
• Scaling teams and analyzing growth potential
• Best practices for success with an ever changing IT landscape

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Preparing for the ‘New Normal’: Scaling Service Organizations in the face of Rapid Change