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MilliporeSigma is a leader in life sciences that manufactures and services over 300,000 products worldwide. The company needs to deliver service excellence and maintain its strict regulatory compliance standards. Since becoming a ServiceMax customer, MilliporeSigma has improved equipment visibility and compliance, standardized service execution, and established KPIs for service excellence.

Join this webinar to hear Stephen McPhee, Head of Lab Water, MilliporeSigma, talk about their ServiceMax journey and how his team uses the platform to address FDA compliance. ServiceMax’s Lubor Ptacek, SVP of Product Marketing will discuss how ServiceMax helps companies reduce compliance incidents by 13%. The speakers will discuss:

  • How to organize data and processes for improved compliance
  • Best practices for operationalizing compliance in service execution
  • Continuous improvements in your service execution journey
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How MilliporeSigma Addresses FDA Compliance with ServiceMax