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Companies servicing high value, complex, mission-critical equipment need a complete view of their assets to run a profitable business. Adopting an Asset 360™ strategy enables you to drive efficiencies in your processes and deliver maximum uptime to your customers. 

Watch the replay of Stacey Epstein's Asset 360™ Keynote to learn how you can increase uptime, reduce costs, and maintain compliance through an asset-centric approach. Stacey covers: 

  • Best practices to meet changing business requirements 
  • The unique needs of asset-centric businesses 
  • How technology enables an Asset 360™ approach

In addition, Amit Jain, SVP of Products at ServiceMax, shares how asset-centricity is built into the ServiceMax product, and Mark Hessinger, VP of Global Customer Services at 3D Systems, shares the incredible results 3D Systems has seen from leveraging asset data—including a 20% increase in service revenue. 

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Asset 360™: Foundation for the Future of Field Service Management