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The industrial internet of things creates a vast array of transformational opportunities for businesses. One of the most exciting opportunities is the chance to create new revenue opportunities and business models with connected products and assets. Services Business Unit (BU) leaders have the opportunity to reimagine their organization to strengthen customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value, becoming a revenue and profit engine for the enterprise.

Studies show that the fastest time to value will be realized in the industrial use case of service delivery. Yet there are still hurdles to overcome as organizations look to build their IoT strategy and find ways to deliver value for their business.

That’s why Lubor Ptacek of ServiceMax from GE Digital and Andy Daecher of Deloitte will discuss:

  • Key drivers of IoT strategy and the challenges associated
  • Ways to connect IoT to service transformation
  • How to accelerate your transformation journey
Field Service Transformation and the Internet of Things