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Safety standards differ between organizations and industries, but the goals of safety professionals are ultimately the same: reducing the number of injuries, incidents, and environmental spills that occur on site. As pressures rise to do more with less, efficient health & safety protocols become increasingly important. 

EHS reporting needs to do more than prove compliance: it must ensure machines are up and running full-time, keep employee training up to date, and help avoid the pitfalls of having to recruit and train part-time replacements if employees are injured on the job. 

This webinar will outline how data collection on smart phones and tablets in the field, combined with a best-in-class Field Service Management solution and KPI dashboards, will transform your EHS program into an all-around business support system. 

In this webinar we explore how health & safety data collection on mobile devices can help produce a safer, more compliant workplace.

Topics will include:

  • The perks of collecting data on a mobile device over paper
  • How sharing information digitally improves EHS compliance, workplace safety, and team efficiency
  • The importance of accessible short- and long-term EHS reporting
  • Back-office impacts of mobile solutions in the field
  • Steps involved in taking your business from paper forms to digital forms
  • Real-life impacts of mobile data collection and cloud integration
  • Where your team can save time and money in the field
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Improve Compliance and Job-Site Safety by Replacing Paper with Smart Mobile Forms