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Field service professionals in regulated industries understand the importance of following prescribed processes and capturing accurate information from the field. Errors in operations and data could mean a serious disaster. Predix ServiceMax and ProntoForms are teaming up to help teams deliver compliant service every time.

With Predix ServiceMax, qualified technicians are sent to jobs and prescribed processes are followed by everyone. Then, ProntoForms captures data and signatures from the field with intuitive forms. Finally, managers can instantly view reports and data for audits. These improvements and more result in a 12% decrease in safety incidents and a 13% decrease in compliance incidents for our customers.

This webinar recording will discuss:

  • How to enforce compliance in the field with digital tools
  • What types of data and processes technicians can capture in the field
  • Why a joint solution is the best choice for field service teams
  • Product Demo
Improve Field Service Safety & Compliance by 12% with Digital Tools