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Manufacturers in asset-centric industries recognize that in addition to having a comprehensive understanding of their customers, they must also have this level of understanding when it comes to their assets. This means knowing how their equipment is doing once it has left their premises, as well as enabling their workforce with the right tools to keep the equipment up and running. For asset-centric service companies, ensuring consistent uptime for customers is everything.

To help companies achieve their uptime goals, the ServiceMax 20.1 release delivers new asset-driven features and enhancements that improve service operations and drive the productivity of technicians, dispatchers, and administrative staff.

Join the webinar to learn about:

  • ServiceMax Go: Mobile Activity Space
  • Service Board: Project Scheduling
  • Service Board: Long-Term Planner
  • Service Flow Designer: Track Process Changes
  • Installed Base Management: Technical Attributes
  • Zinc Message Cards & Embedded Collaboration
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20.1 Release: New Features to Help You Achieve Uptime